Firefighter Strategic Planning with IMS Alliance

incident management solutions

        "strategy is the hard stuff, tactics is the easy stuff"

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IMS Alliance


Our Passion: Fire officer strategic development

Our Mission: The development of informed strategists

Our Goal: Help you become a competent incident manager

As an Informed Strategist you will:

  • Competently Manage: Strategy, Resources, and Risk
  • Establishe and manage an effective Command Post
  • Achieve and maintain 'Incident Equilibrium'
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and with discipline
  • Declare an appropriate Operational Mode
  • Develop and manage an Incident Action Plan
  • Achieve and maintain Tactical Accountability
  • Receive 10-minute notifications from Dispatcher
  • Communicate meaningful Status Reports
  • Know how to supervise a Division or Group
  • Know how and when to establish a Branch Director


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